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Below is the registration link for 2024.

To register please click here.

Duty to Register


1. Members 5 years and older who learn a BJP syllabus must be registered regardless of whether they compete or not. Unregistered members may not learn the BJP syllabus.

2. BJP Registration and payment of $99 (including GST) must be made online after attending no more than 2 lessons and must be completed by the member or parent of the member only.

3. Registration is not refundable or transferrable to another person.

4. Individuals may only register with one club and must not attend classes at more than one club concurrently.

5. Members may only attend classes at and compete for the club with which they are registered in that year.

6. Permission from BJP must be sought for any Juniors or Ladies wishing to register with or compete for a club that is interstate or a great distance from where they live. Transfer of Registration

7. Once registration to a club is paid, members cannot change clubs unless they apply for and are granted a Transfer of Registration.

8. Transfer of Registration will only be granted if: a. The member has a genuine change of address, being closer to the club she wishes to join. Applications are submitted by Associates on behalf of their members using the appropriate form. Proof is required. b. A club closes all or some of its classes during the year, enabling members from those classes to become eligible for Transfer of Registration. 

9. Members returning on or before 15th March may register with any club they wish.

10. Members returning after 15th March must return to the club they belonged to the previous year, unless they apply for and are granted a Transfer of Registration.

11. Girls 4 years and younger who are not learning BJP syllabus are not required to register.

12. Girls 4 years and younger may not compete in Champion girl.

13. 4 year olds may compete in Interclubs and/or 5-6 year teams, provided they register to learn the BJP 5-6 year syllabus and have had their 4th birthday by 1st September that year.

Mary St, Hunters Hill & North Ryde Golf Club   |    Classes Mondays and Thursdays   |    Phone: 0412 007 204

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