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About Us

Hunters Hill Physie is a not-for-profit Club that provides exercise and dance classes to girls and ladies of all abilities aged from 3 years and above.

Founded in 2006 the club has grown significantly throughout its 18 year history and, under the guidance of founder Kate Stanton, cemented its position as the #1 EP Physie club, producing multiple championship team trophies and numerous Grand Champions.


​In 2021 Kate made the decision to move the club to BJP in order to further extend herself and her members - and hasn't looked back!

Hunters Hill Physie members become part of an extended Physie family who dance for fun but are encouraged to work hard to achieve their goals in a supportive and nurturing environment, with members being proud of their association.

If you're thinking of joining Physie or have any questions we would love to hear from you. Please call Kate on 0412 007 204.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Kate Stanton

Club Founder, Head Coach 


Kate formalised her love for Physie in 2006 by opening HHPC, with overall responsibility for the Club, and teaching involvement across all age groups. 


Kate is a 3 times Champion Lady, having won State titles in 2012, 2013 and again in 2018 when she came out of retirement to share the Grand stage with her two daughters, who also both won their sections that same year.  Along with producing multiple Grand Champions and winning numerous team championships, it remains her most memorable career highlight to date. 


Kate is passionate about her club, and her teaching philosophy revolves around providing a supportive and positive environment for her members that nurtures and promotes personal growth and development. 


Sarah O'Sullivan

Associate - Seniors & Ladies


Sarah is an 8 times State Champion, having won EP titles in the 5s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 12s, 13s, 14s, and 15 years. 


Sarah's true passion for Physie emerged when she joined BJP and made the National final in her first year in the code.


Sarah's talent lies in the performance element of the dance sport and is excited to be given the opportunity to work with the senior girls to further develop their flair and creativity. 

Her bubbly personality and sense of fun, combined with her eye for detail and expertise in dance, make her a valuable addition to the HHPC teaching ranks.


Sarah is currently studying Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. 


Sophie Clarke

Associate - Teens/1st Year Seniors

In 2020, Sophie joined Hunters Hill Physie as a senior where she thrived in the supportive environment that soon allowed her to grow in her strength, technique and performance.


Since joining the teaching ranks and competing in BJP Physie since 2021, Sophie has embraced her love for physie and is excited to be given the opportunity to share the skills she has learnt with the 13-14’s and 15-1st year Senior Girls in 2024.


Being involved in multiple winning teams and achieving National Places in 2021 & 2022, Sophie’s teaching goal is to extend upon the positive and nurturing team environment at Hunters Hill and to support and motivate each girl to strive to be her best, both on and off the physie floor.


Melanie Chung

Associate - Seniors


Melanie was introduced to BJP physie as a 7 year old and instantly fell in love with the sport. She is a 10 time Senior National Finalist, 3 time Senior National Place Getter and in 2013 became the APDA National 25 & Overs Opens Champion as well as Grand Champion Girl.


Melanie took a break from physie to pursue her other passion, dragonboat racing, where she also found success. She is a 5 time Australian Team Representative and a 4 time World Championship Bronze Medallist.

As a physie girl you make some incredible friendships and it’s those same friends that drew Melanie back to physie. She now competes in the Open Ladies section and in 2024 joins the Hunter Hills teaching team. Melanie takes pride in being able to share her knowledge, competitive spirit and passion for physie and help each girl strive for her own personal best.


Mackenzie Angus

Associate - Juniors


Mackenzie started physie when she was 9 and loved every moment. Since then she’s had the opportunity to dance at the ICC and the Sydney Opera House as part of the national final in 2021 and 2022.

She started teaching at 13 at her previous club in Goulburn and since moving to Sydney has become a much valued member of the elite senior ranks. 


Mackenzie brings a wealth of experience, gained through her role with DanceFever Multisport as a Dance Instructor and is passionate about teaching music and movement to children. 


Lexi Pappas

Associate - Juniors


Lexi started Physie as a 4 year old and instantly fell in love with the sport, encouraged and supported by her mum who competes in the ladies section.


In 2020, Lexis passion for Physie led her to become an assistant teacher, working with the Tiny Tots. In that same year, she achieved her personal best result, placing 1st in the 12 years (Northern Zone) Junior Champion Girl competition.


Lexi’s teaching goal is to share and instil the love she has for Physie and her club in all the girls that she teaches.



Junior Helper

Hannah started physie in 2014 and has stayed committed and passionate ever since. 

Hannah has always shown great interest in helping the younger age groups achieve their goals as well as being a supportive physie friend to her peers.  

In 2022, she achieved her personal best, placing third in the 12 years Zone.  The same year, her passion, commitment, resilience and hard work was rewarded when she was presented with the Clubs most prestigious award. 

Physie has provided Hannah with lifelong friends, wonderful experiences and great memories.  Her skills, flexibility and expressive dance continue to develop every year, and she is very excited to continue her physie journey in 2024, putting something back into the Club she loves

Results Honour Roll

2023 Zone Results (BJP)

5 years - Aaliyah zone champion 
             - Layla 2nd place 

6 years - Chloe zone champion
             - Sybella 2nd place (national finalist) 
             - Maggie 3rd place
             - Emily 5th place (national semi                            finalist) 

7 years - Maia zone champion 

             - Rinka 2nd place 
             - Evie 4th place 

8 years - Luciana 4th place 

9 years - Olivia zone champion (national

             - Indie 2nd place 

10 years - Genevieve 5th place 

12 years - Matilda 4th place (national semi


13 years - Hannah (national semi finalist) 
               - Alyssa (national semi finalist)

15 years - Lexi (national semi finalist)
               - Kiana (national semi finalist) 

Novice seniors - Sarah (national semi finalist) 
                         - Sophie (national semi finalist)

Open seniors - Mackenzie (national semi


2022 Zone Results (BJP)

5 Years - Chloe Zone Champion

             - Sybella 2nd Place

             - Maggie 5th Place

6 Years - Evie Zone Champion

              - Rinka 3rd Place

              - Maia 4th Place

8 Years - Indie 3rd Place


11 Years - Tilly Zone Champion


12 Years - Hannah 3rd Place


13 Years - Julia Zone Champion


2nd Year Seniors - Sophie 5th (Nationals)

                              - Ellie (Nationals)


Novice Senior - Mackenzie (Nationals)


Novice over 33 - Larnie (Nationals)

2021 Zone Results (BJP)

5 Years - Evie Zone Champion

7 Years - Olivia Zone Champion

             - Indie 4th Place

10 Years - Matilda 2nd Place

11 Years - Hannah 3rd Place

12 Years - Julia 3rd Place

1st Year Seniors - Sophie 4th (Nationals)

                            - Sarah (Nationals)

Novice Ladies - Elise 2nd Place

                        - Jess 4th Place

                        - Melinda 5th Place

Inter. Ladies - Monique 3rd Place

                      - Kerry 5th Place

Team Champions



5-6 year team champions (championship grade) 


5/6 Year Team Champions (A Grade)

15/1st Years

Novice Ladies


11/12 Year Team Champions

15/1st Year Senior Team Champions

Novice Ladies' Team Champions

Intermediate Ladies' Team Champions


Team competitions cancelled due to COVID


9/10 Year Team Champions

15/16 Year Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions

11/12 Year Team Champions

13/14 Year Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions

11/12 Year Team Champions

Advanced Ladies Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions

11/12 Year Team Champions

Intermediate Senior Team Champions

Open Senior Team Champions

2nd Year Ladies Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions
11/12 Year Team Champions
Open Senior Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions

11/12 Year Team Champions


7/8 Year Team Champions

9/10 Year Team Champions

11/12 Year Team Champions

1st Year Ladies Team Champions

Advanced Ladies Team Champions


7/8 Years Team Champions

9/10 Years Team

11/12 Years Team

7/8 Years Team
Elementary Ladies Team Champions

Elementary Ladies Team Champions

7/8 Years Team Champions

7/8 Years Team Champions

1st Year Ladies Team Champions

Champion Girls

& Champion Ladies (EP)


Iris G. - 11 Years Champion Girl

Sarah O. – 15 Years Champion Girl

Talia M. - Open Seniors Group 1 Champion Girl

Talia M. - Grand Champion Girl 2020


Amelia E. - 7 Years Champion Girl

Sarah O. – 14 Years Champion Girl

Ellie O. - 16 Years Champion Girl



Iris G. - 9 Years Champion Girl

Sarah O. – 13 Years Champion Girl

Ellie O. - 15 Years Champion Girl

Kate S. - Extended Champion Lady

Talia M. - Grand Champion Girl 2018


Sarah O. – 12 Years Champion Girl

Darcey A. - 13 Years Champion Girl

Talia M. - Open Seniors Group 1 Champion Girl

Talia M. - Grand Champion Girl 2017

Sarah O. – 11 Years Champion Girl
Tanya R. – 12 Years Champion Girl


Nevaeh J. – 11 Years Champion Girl


Karen L. – Advanced Ladies Champion Lady


Sarah O. – 8 Years Champion Girl
Rosie W. - 9 Years Champion Girl
Melanie P. – Intermediate Seniors
Kate S. – Advanced Ladies (Tall)
Sarah O. - 7 Years Champion Girl
Brooke C. - Intermediate Seniors Champion Girl
Kate S. - Advanced Ladies (Tall) Champion Lady


Abby F. – 11 Years Champion Girl


Sarah O. – 5 Years Champion Girl


Claudia P. – 8 Years Champion Girl

Honour Rolls

Dream...  Believe...  Achieve.

Mary St, Hunters Hill & North Ryde Golf Club   |    Classes Mondays and Thursdays   |    Phone: 0412 007 204

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