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About Physie

Physical Culture, or "Physie" as it is commonly known, is a unique competitive sport combining dance, floor and standing exercises for girls and ladies aged from 3 years up. Based on basic ballet and  modern dance, Physie is great for physical fitness, flexibility, coordination and posture, and  builds confidence through participation in competitive events.

Have fun, make friends and keep fit!  Improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Each year girls and ladies learn a new syllabus of routines which are refined and improved through regular classes and culminate in National Competitions for both individuals and teams. Competitions are not compulsory but generate a feeling of togetherness and club spirit. 

Physie is enjoyed by girls and ladies of all ages starting from 3 years.

Members progress through the junior sections until the age of 15 when they become a "senior". They are able to remain in this group for many years or until they choose to move to "ladies" which they may do from age 17.

Of course girls and ladies may join a suitable class at any age and at any level of fitness. We have many ladies coming back to Physie having been members as children. They find the exercise, fun and friendship just the thing to keep both mind and body active and many mothers & daughters have the pleasure of enjoying a common bond - their love of Physie.


Dream...  Believe...  Achieve.

Mary St, Hunters Hill & Frances Rd, Putney    |    Classes Mondays and Thursdays   |    Phone: 0412 007 204

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